Hello there.

My name is Deon Johnson, and I founded The ONE Fitness with the mission of helping people live their best life yet. To me it’s not about the weight, it is about how you live. If you simply lose the weight, but do not change the way you live it is sure to return. Sure, I want to help you lose the weight, but most importantly I want to have a positive impact in changing your life. Fitness is my passion and for over 15 years, I have been a part of a process that has changed many  lives. The ONE Fitness personifies this process. Let us customize a lifestyle strategy that works for you.

You might have clicked on this page, because you have questions about us. But I have one for you.

How is that working for you?

It’s my favorite question to ask people who want to change their life. Let’s face it. We’ve all either halfheartedly tried to follow certain “programs” without success, or we’ve simply given up, let life get in the way and tried to accept that we are just the way we are. So, my question is how is that working for you?

You might run marathons or attend monthly nutritional meetings. Maybe you have given up sweets for lent. You’ve probably even sworn off bread and pasta. So, how’s that working for you?

If you find that what you are doing now isn’t working for you, and you are ready to try something different, then I would love to talk to you. I would love to change your life.

The ONE Fitness is not just a place to sweat. It is a lifestyle. We are a community that has shares your same goal. We aspire to help you achieve your health and fitness goals and teach you how to retain them, thus, creating a new lifestyle for you. It is a community of that is commitespeople with a common goal to have a healthy lifestyle. I’d like to invite you to be a part of our community and begin the process of living your best life yet!

The ONE Fitness is more than a company…

It’s an experience; a life changing journey that will lead you to a new level of personal growth. Our ultimate focus is to renew your mind and empower your spirit to ensure you achieve and maintain your goals of excellent health and physical fitness. Founded by expert nutritionist and personal trainer Deon Johnson, The ONE Fitness adopts and lives by the philosophy “Keep It Simple”; a belief to remind and inspire you to remain focused throughout the peaks and valleys you’ll experience on your journey.


Live Fit!

Deon C. Johnson