The most challenging yet most important element of living a healthy lifestyle is your nutrition. If you are not losing weight you require, do not have the energy you desire, or feel the way you want, it is more than likely linked to your daily food choices. Today’s information crazed society doesn’t make it any easier for you either. You read low carb this, low fat that, high protein this. It’s all so confusing. The ONE Fitness takes out all the confusion and makes this element easy. We have based our menu on a time proven and medical industry approved and easy to maintain approach. Our foods are low in calories without sacrificing any of the flavor you require. We also make it convenient for you. We prepare and package it for you. All you have to do is heat it and enjoy!

We have working relationships with trusted and respected partners. We have enlisted the expertise of a local registered dietitian and the award winning restaurant Lavista. Working with both parties, we have developed a menu that keeps it simple for you, leads you to the lifestyle you desire and one we proudly stamp as The ONE approved.

Let The ONE Fitness help you live the life you desire by creating a customized nutrition plan that meets you where you are with the promise of taking you where you want to be.

Menus and Reservation Forms coming in 2013.