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The ONE is a private luxury  gym offering an experience unsurpassed by any gym in Houston. At The ONE Fitness we produce winners and teach that weight loss is not about willpower, but knowledge. To combat that lack of knowledge, we emphasize the importance of education and planning. We encourage our clients to “plan their work and work their plan,” an approach that when followed prevents the many pitfalls that cause frustration. Regardless of where you are in your life and physical fitness – novice to experienced athlete, young to senior – make the commitment to partner with The ONE Fitness and together we can achieve your most desired goals.

Fitness personality and lifestyle coach Deon Johnson has spent more than a decade inspiring men and women to reach their personal health and fitness goals. His passion to see people get healthy, coupled with his sound reputation, has made him a respected professional in the field.

As the owner and founder of The ONE Fitness in Houston, Deon empowers his clients mentally and spiritually to work hard to achieve what they want out of life. The ONE Fitness teaches clients that weight loss is more about knowledge than pure will power, so education is part of everyone’s total-health program.

“Helping someone lose weight is easy,” Deon said. “Changing the way they live is difficult, but that’s my goal.”

Deon’s philosophy is “Keep It Simple,” a belief that helps inspire his clients to remain focused on their own optimal health through the ups and downs of their normal experiences. His clients adhere to the mantra that a steady routine with weight and cardio training helps them get into shape and feel better about themselves.

“Life inevitably causes stress,” Deon said. “Stress leads to other health issues. My goal is to keep my clients focused on the things they can do to stay healthy so they can handle anything life throws their way.”

Deon’s mission is simple. He says “He wants to change how you move, change how you look at food, change how you live.” If you want to lose weight, have more energy, or simply live a healthier life, Deon is confident he can help you.

“When Deon comes into your life, things are bound to change for the better,” said one client, Karen Newman. “When I started with Deon, he helped me strengthen my body, run faster, lean up and clean up my diet. Now I feel great!”

Deon has trained in the most prestigious facilities in the country, but The ONE Fitness was his longtime dream. The unique health and fitness club is more than a company  … it’s a life-changing journey that leads you to a new level of personal growth. An added benefit is the on-premise availability of massages, facials and delicious meals.

A sought-after speaker and presenter, he has been featured on local radio and television talk shows and was the resident fitness expert for KIAH-Channel 39’s “Outlook Houston.” He also hosts a talk show on local cable network Houston Media Source, where topics have included “Healthy Cooking at Home” and “Tracking Your Weight Loss.”

The ONE Fitness is about teaching a lifestyle, and by creating his vision, Deon changes the lives of those who trust him to work alongside them to make that happen.